Sofia & Philippe 2018 - WaterAid

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Philippe Gandet
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Ge vatten - ge liv!

Sofia & Philippe 2018 - WaterAid

WaterAid aims to ensure access to improved sanitation, hygiene and safe drinking water
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  • Klara o Poker Wallenberg Klara o Poker Wallenberg donated 10,000 kr

    Klara o Poker Wallenberg

  • Malin Kergosien Malin Kergosien donated 500 kr

    Congratulations on your wedding. M&M

  • Anna Pethrus Anna Pethrus donated 500 kr

  • Martina and Cooper Wallenberg Martina and Cooper Wallenberg donated 750 kr

    Congratulations from Martina and Cooper

  • Ebba, Wilhelm, Otto Bolin Ebba, Wilhelm, Otto Bolin donated 500 kr

  • Anne Widenfelt Appleyard Anne Widenfelt Appleyard donated 500 kr

    Good job 🙏🙏

  • Jacob Annika Lovisa Henrik Alice Joppie Salima Wallenberg Jacob Annika Lovisa Henrik Alice Joppie Salima Wallenberg donated 5,000 kr

  • Siri & Erik Sachs Enoksson Siri & Erik Sachs Enoksson donated 500 kr

  • David & Mauro Montano & Monarris David & Mauro Montano & Monarris donated 2,600 kr

    Hello! Loved your wateraid fundraise as wedding gift! You guys are such an incredible couple! See you both this weekend :D we are so happy for you!! David Montano & Mauro Monarris!

  • CF & Sara Klintner CF & Sara Klintner donated 500 kr

    Vatten för livet!

  • Maria Andersson & Daniel Vogel Maria Andersson & Daniel Vogel donated 500 kr

    Lycka till!

  • Soffi&Ken Tärnström Soffi&Ken Tärnström donated 500 kr

    Rent vatten är inte bara Aquavit! Lycka till!