March for Water 2023

March for Water 2023

Every day, millions of girls and women around the world walk to fetch water that is dirty and sometimes life threatening to drink. Fetching water can take several hours a day, which means many women don't have time to work and many girls are forced to drop out of school. This leads to a high risk of being trapped in long-term poverty.

It's high time to change that - access to clean water is a human right.

Start a fundraiser and support the fight for everyone's right to clean water!

By starting a fundraiser, you'll not only make a difference with donations, but you'll also strengthen the commitment to everyone's right to clean water.

Ask friends and family to sponsor the steps you are taking in March by downloading the app and starting a fundraiser. Your donations make a big difference: for example, 71 SEK can pay for a tap - a tap that can change everything in a community that lacks clean water. Our goal during March for Water is to raise enough for 771 taps - one for every million people who currently don't have access to clean water. So a fundraising goal of, for example, SEK 3 550 would be enough for 50 taps.

Good luck and thank you for your commitment! With your support, we can reach more people in the world with clean water, contributing to a more equal world where girls have time to go to school and women can work.

9,925 kr