March for Water 2022

March for Water 2022

Every day, millions of girls and women walk for hours to fetch water which is dirty. Water that is life-threatening to drink. Fetching water takes so much time that they do not have time to go to school or work. Instead, they get caught up in a vicious circle of poverty and disease. They go no further than a dirty watering hole. We can change this together!

A fundraiser makes a difference in many ways!
- You contribute to raising awareness about WaterAid's work
- You contribute with donations that make a difference for people in need
- You raise your own commitment

It is only the imagination that sets the limits of how far the collection will reach.
Having fun is important!

Good luck and thank you for your commitment! With your help, we can ensure that more people get clean water. With your support, women get new opportunities in life!

1,070 kr