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March for Water 2024
Hi y'all! Who's ready to get PHYSICAL PHYSICAL? It's time for WaterAid Sweden's March for Water

Today, 703 million people lack access to clean water. In 7 out of 10 households that lack access to water, girls and women are responsible for fetching water for the family.

Fetching water can take several hours a day. This means that many women have no time to work and many girls are forced to drop out of school. This leads to a greater risk of falling into long-term poverty.

To highlight everyone's right to clean water, WaterAid runs the March for Water campaign every year in March, highlighting the impact of the water crisis on girls and women around the world.

Your gifts will make a big difference: for example, 71 SEK (~7 USD) can pay for a tap - a tap that can make a difference in a community that lacks clean water. When you get involved in the March for Water, you contribute to a more equal world while having fun with others!

Thank you for your commitment! With your support, WaterAid can reach more people in the world with clean water, contributing to a more equal world where girls have time to go to school and women can work.
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